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Environmental Management
Our successfully completed projects vary from underground storage tank removals and installations to complex soil and groundwater remediation projects:

D.D. Dunlap Companies
16897 Algonquin Suite A
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
At the Rossmoor Car Wash, we are currently managing an ongoing soil and groundwater remediation project in the challenging Los Alamitos area. Our work here has included ongoing groundwater monitoring and groundwater treatment to remove fuel hydrocarbons from both soil and groundwater.
Irvine Toyota
30 Auto Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
At Irvine Toyota, we installed underground storage tanks for gasoline dispensing in 1997. If there is one thing modern car dealers can’t get enough of, it is lot space! When Irvine Toyota found its new location with more lot space adjacent to the El Toro “Y”, we installed a new above ground tank system to accommodate their needs. The new above ground tank met all fire codes and eliminated the potential problems associated with underground tanks.
Santa Monica Ford
1230 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Santa Monica Ford operates in one of the most challenging regulatory atmospheres in California – the City of Santa Monica. When we removed their underground tanks, sampling indicated that the gasoline tank had leaked nearly to groundwater. We moved quickly to address the leak and prevent it from reaching groundwater. We were able to close the site with a minimal interruption to services and with reimbursement from the UST Cleanup Fund.

Excelsior Farms
7401 Hamner Avenue
Corona, California 91720
Excelsior Farms was a successful dairy farm in Corona, passed down through generations. When they removed their underground tank, they found a leak that occurred within 500 feet of a public drinking water well. We took over the project after the owners lacked confidence in their initial contractor, and managed the soil and groundwater remediation work to final site closure. Excelsior is now a housing tract overlooking the Santa Ana River, and one of the streets is named Excelsior in honor of its past.

Water Wheel Car Wash
27567 N. Sierra Highway
Canyon Country, CA 91331
This is another project that we took over and managed to successful completion. Water Wheel is an operating car wash that never lost a day of business while we completed a complex assessment and remediation project. Soil and groundwater were both impacted by leaking tanks at the site – and sensitive drinking water wells were located within 1/8 mile of the property. While this project took some time to complete, we took payment directly from the UST Cleanup Fund and did not cost our client a penny over the course of the entire project!

Many more references are available on request. We at Harrison/Roberts appreciate the opportunity to present our qualifications.