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Environmental Management

Contaminated Soil Removal, Disposal and Remediation

Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Solvent Leakage Contamination of Soil

Specialzed Techniques to Deal With Your Specific Soil Type for Your Geographic Area and Location

Soil Remediation for Occupied and Unoccupied Properties

Services Provided in Southern California, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernadino County, Riverside County

Services Provided for Gas Stations, Auto Dealerships, Car Washes, Industrial Complexes, Factories, Cities & Municipalities
Soil Contamination and Remediation Services in Southern California
Excavation, Vapor Extraction, Contaminated Soil Removal and Disposal in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino and Riverside Counties.
If you have had a petroleum hydrocarbon or solvent leak into soil at your property, you have remediation options to consider. Small leaks typically involve excavation of the impacted soil, appropriate disposal of said soil, and replacement of the removed soil. Leaks that have reached significant depths may practically preclude excavation as an option. For example, a small property with a small leak would most practically be handled by excavation. That same property with a large (deep) leak may best be handled by leaving the impacted soil in place and removing the gasoline vapors through wells - also known as vapor extraction.

Removing contaminants, either petroleum hydrocarbons or solvents, from the soil matrix is typically governed by one factor: the type of soil that has impacted. Soil types in southern California range from very fine grained to coarse grained, however, so it is impossible to have a single blanket solution that will apply to every site within the area we serve. We employ different technologies for soil remediation, depending on the soil type that is impacted and the current or immediate desired use of the property.

While the impacted soil type may eliminate certain remedial technologies for consideration at your facility, the property use (or desired use) will also play a key factor in selecting your remedial strategy. Property unoccupied and you want to redevelop as fast as possible? Or is your property currently occupied, leased, and you want a minimal disturbance to the occupants? These are very different concerns which call for very different remedial approaches.

For specific recommendations and procedures required to manage your soil contamination and remediation issues in Southern California including; Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino and Riverside Counties call us at 562.795.0088 for ideas and options.