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Environmental Management

Leaking or Non-Compliant Storage Tank Removal and Remediation

Underground or Above Ground Storage Tank Installation

Site Assessment

Soil & Groundwater Contamination Remediation Services

Services Provided in Southern California, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernadino County, Riverside County

Services Provided for Gas Stations, Auto Dealerships, Car Washes, Industrial Complexes, Factories, Cities & Municipalities
Site Assessment of Leaking or Non-Compliant Storage Tanks, Soil or Groundwater Contamination - Choosing the Right Environmental Management Company for Your Southern California Business or Industry
Site assessment work is completed to determine both the vertical and lateral extent of subsurface contamination. That is, how far does the leak go? There are two data sets that need to be compiled for a successful site assessment where the contamination is, and where it isn't.

Where the contamination is typically involves identifying where the leak originated and the concentration of contaminants in the affected area. Let's say your tanks leaked and we know there is gasoline contamination in the soil. We drill down and get samples at 5-foot intervals immediately beneath the tank's fuel dispenser. This helps us define the vertical extent of contamination. We collect soil samples and send them to the laboratory for analysis; we then have hard data to present to the regulators which they can then use to evaluate site conditions.

The tricky part of the site assessment is finding where the contamination isn't. Where do we locate the borings to minimize the time and expense necessary for site assessment? How can a few extra borings save on your expenses during the remedial effort? Harrison Roberts Envornmental Management's team of qualified professionals have over 50 years of combined experience in the process of determining the most cost effective and timely manner in which to deal with your site's contamination issues and what it will take to overcome the problem. By choosing Harrison Roberts, you're assured that the process will be well conceived and managed so that your costs and the negative impact on your business operations and profits are kept to a minimal level.

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